I need advice about friendly relationships...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by TudorJones, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. A lot of girls get nervous around me because I'm hot, and cute with a great body etc.. (their own words.)

    Combine that with my little aggressive ways of approaching things, it makes them little uncomfortable..

    That makes me further uncomfortable.. which leads to further discomfort... further avoidance etc etc.. further awkward movements etc..

    any help?
  2. BSAM


    Dump your boyfriend. It really makes girls nervous.:p
  3. hcour

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    You didn't actually write "...because I'm hot and cute...", did you? Lemme go back and check again.

    Yeah, you did. You actually did.

  4. He did indeed, my advice, wait 15 years, its extremely unlikey you will have any such problem.

    As for aggressive approach, dont bitch slap them and try and force them into your van, if thats the kind of thing your talking about, because that is just messed up, and you should be in jail.

    Failing that, its always possible you have no personality, and should work on that aspect.
    Go for older women who may appreciate your hot-cuteness (bwahahahaha!!!!!!!!!) , seriously, if the described problem resembles reality at all.
  5. hughb


    My monitor is all screwed up. it's displaying a post from someone here claiming that he's "hot and cute". I'll have to get this thing looked at tommorrow.
  6. Lucrum


    Try a dozen donuts for breakfast, two cheeseburgers and a shake for lunch and one large deep dish pizza and a case of beer for dinner every day for a month.
    Your problem will be solved.
  7. sim03


    You do realize that by asking ET for relationship help / advice, combined with your prologue, you were really asking for it, right?

    But you won't get any BS from me. My advice - throw a couple of nice juicy kettlebells in the front passenger footwell of your lovemobile. Just to help break the ice and show your softer, sensitive side.
  8. I was intending on cute/hot = sexy.. older chicks say I'm cute.. younger ones think hot.. Its all about perceptions.
  9. MrGecko


    massive cocks can put girls off
  10. Yes, but you feel so good about it that you really don't care...:D (although you have to be honest with yourself here - you know who you are...)

    "Its OK baby. I understand... I'll call you."

    Dinner: $60
    Drinks : $40

    Bragging rights for the rest of eternity:priceless.
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