I need a virus - a really bad one... ideas?

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by WinstonTJ, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Anything you get on 4chan will probably just be a bot that spams 4chan. Seems like the OP looking for something more dubious.
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  2. -Go to a bittorrent site (btjunkie) and find the most recent torrents which are marked as having a virus. Download about 50 of them (you can go for a smaller size).
    -You can also find on various http download sites (filestube) various small apps that are linked to download. Most of them have viruses. Look for the newest ones from suspicious sources (strange url of original link posting).
    -Remove all your firewalls. Install a IRC client. Go to various hacking/computing/phishing irc channels and tell people to infect you.
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  3. well i just posted on 4chan asking them to try and take out the comp or give me viruses.

    its a dynamic IP on a virtual (fake) MAC address so I'll just change it if they actually act on it.
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  4. Well I found a nasty one that tries to spread to networked computers and gives BSOD.

    The 4-chan guys didn't believe me... they thought I was trying to get them to hack someone elses computer. A few of them tried to get back to my IP address but they never got in, etc.

    I haven't been able to see, share or hack across the firewall or hypervisor to see other machines so this is good progress.

    Thank you very much for the PM'd links to virus sites, etc.
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  5. Glad I could help.
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  6. incase this ever comes up in a search, etc.

    feel free to PM me - I have the executable files in a .zip format and I'm happy to host if anyone ever needs to destroy a computer :)

    The good ones I eventually found will seek out network storage drives and make them bootable so that when another computer connects to it it auto-runs the executable on that allowing the virus to sweep through your whole network.

    Its been a very cool experience. The ability to rebuild a whole 6-computer virtual system in 45min from a dead machine to formatting HDD and completely rebuilt makes testing like this easy.

    Good to have and very good to use with different firewall rules and types of operating systems, etc. (linux vs. windows).
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  7. Are people going to bring their own hardware and then you virturalize it for them, or are you going to provide the hardware?

    Are they all linked to the same backup system?

    The only reason i ask is have you accounted for the undetectable virus, that is on the motherboard?
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    Winston, don't forget me when you get your first ten mil check for a new antivirus s/w.:)

    If you REALLY want some virus(es), let me know. I have three Sons in High School sharing the same computer. Guarantee there's some sick viruses on that ten minute to boot up computer.:D

    I'm replacing it this week. If Canada will let this coughing-ill computer through customs, maybe I could send it to you for some experimental work?:D
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  9. I'm not trying to build an antivirus solution - I'm trying to make sure my virtual environment is sound.

    Rehoboth (that like Rehoboth, MA?):

    I own the hardware - I have hardware at two data centers in NYC. If you are interested I can share HW specs but essentially its backed up, redundant, inside a data center and has great connectivity. If someone brings me HW to mirror or virtualize or to convert to virtual I'm happy to do that as well.

    I'm also interested in learning about these bios viruses. I don't know that I want to ruin a mobo but I do have a few spare that I might want to play with.

    Depending on how the virtual OS is set up it may not actually have any access to the hardware so I'm not sure that's an issue but I'd like to try it out.

    I think you should make your kids keep that 10min-boot machine!
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  10. I wouldn't worry too much about them. They often require physical access or in the case of Mebromi target specific anti-virus software loaded machines or specifically Award BIOS.


    Improvements in chip technology renders them obsolete with time.
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