I need a virus - a really bad one... ideas?

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  1. Looking for a virus - like the kind that spreads all over your HDD and ruins/destroys a computer.

    Are there places to get things like this?

    I'm doing development and testing on a virtualized platform and I want to create 4-5 instances of XP & Windows7 and then infect one to make sure that my firewall and virtualization is setup properly.

    If the virus takes down the whole machine then I screwed up somehow - if the virus only takes down that one instance/image and the rest are fine then I'm comfortable with the situation.

    This will be in a 100% controlled development environment on an isolated ISP.

    Thx for thoughts & suggestions.
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    look for antivirus 2009 , antivirus 2000
  3. I'm not sure I follow - I've been looking on Google for about 3 hours and can't find anything. Been to porn sites, torrent sites, etc. can't find a thing. I just googled AV 2009 & 2000 and couldn't find either.

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    google 'antivirus scams removal' look for antivirus
  5. Thx - I tried a couple of those. I don't think they are nasty enough or work properly. Maybe I'm missing something though.

    I'm looking for something that intentionally spreads to other machines or that looks for network drives & devices to spread to.

    I was able to find download and install this and it did hold one machine ransom as described - but it didn't really do much else so I'm not sure if I have any holes or not.
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    Lots of sites that host warez really host virii, not sure how to find a specific virus though.
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    look for virtualbouncer I am not going to post any link. there is also hacker forums etc...
  8. Yeah, I haven't found one in a long time that wasn't easily defeated. Porn sites used to be a good place to find them. You making a sandbox? I would be interested. I loved Greenborder.
  9. The project started a while back when I was trading - I was working with several different programmers but using a shared tick data database - we created a bunch of sandbox type situations where various programmers could remote in and access the database and code/program but we throttled the upload speeds like crazy so they couldn't steal my tick data :)

    Recently I've had a small hedge fund ($150M & 6 guys) approach me about virtualizing their desktops - converting over from older HP & Dell hardware to modern thin-client devices and virtualized desktops (like what Goldman did in their new building).

    I think I have it complete (i mean structurally its all set) and now I just need to test that my jails and firewalls and partitions are solid and I didn't forget something or leave something out - I have a Jan1 delivery date so i'm ahead of schedule and things are going well with this.

    I have rack space in NYC so eventually I'd like to take it up a notch and offer a service to traders similar to an amazon instance where you can purchase (daily, monthly or yearly) remote desktop instances that offer ultra-low-latency connectivity to a data feed or execution engine. This is really the reason I need to know its pretty hack-proof and that images are isolated - to protect the individual's data from the others, etc. so I can offer security and 99.999% uptime.

    The real issue will be trust I think more than security - traders are pretty paranoid and putting your system on someone's hardware that you don't know is going to be a very hard sell - but I know enough guys both on here (ET) and elsewhere that I can get 10-20 subscriptions in short order once I know its safe and secure. I'd like to be able to offer ultra-low-latency data on-site (me providing an equities feed to the traders) and then facilitate connectivity (via cross-connects or just regular internet) to whatever execution servers they need.

    So that's the story - I pretty much need something so nasty that it will want to go viral and destroy the whole system or anything on the machine.

    Its on a totally separate internet connection and on isolated hardware that I can rebuild in like 45minutes so I really want to try and go nuclear on this thing.
  10. Did you try 4chan?

    I found one on there, I'll send you the link in a PM.

    How about Hack Forums?
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