I need a vacation!

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  1. I am thinking of heading to Las Vegas this November, and I am most likely gonna go there by myself. It's not going to be as much fun as going there with friends, but since I have never been there before, I might as well go and check it out. It would be a good learning experience.

    So, anybody ever been to Las Vegas by themselves? Any cool places to check out and party?

  2. I told my girlfriend that I want to get married in vegas with elvis impersonators and booze and showgirls. She wasn't impressed. I can't wait to see her face when I tell her she won't be there.
  3. Vegas is a great time! Can I come? :D Lance Burton was a great show. Do u know where u r staying yet?
  4. Traveling alone is always better than traveling with friends. When you are alone you force yourself to meet new people where as if you are with friends you are not really bothered about meeting anyone new. Also traveling alone you are not forced to go see some lame show that you dont want to see just because your buddy wants to see it (Like Lance Burton haha)
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    I used to go on average once a month on business.
    Frankly I got tired of it and really don't see the attraction. But then I'm not much on gambling or sheeple orientated entertainment either.

    It is probably worth going to see once IF you've never seen the strip at night, just so you can check that off of your bucket list.
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  7. PA, careful with ex-RCG's Girlfriend, she's on the loose and she's dangerous... :D (j/k Girl)

    Traveling alone is a lot of fun provided you manage to break the tourist bubble.
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    Going to the Expo?
  9. Sure, why not? The trip would be much more fun when I get to meet other traders. So far I haven't decided on where to stay, but I do want to check out the Cheesecake Factory there. It seems like a good place for good foods.
  10. Yeah, that is true. I could go where ever I want and when I want, and that I could talk to as many showgirls as I want! :D
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