I need a Successfull Seasoned Trading Mentor and will work for free to learn

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by yv2008, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. yv2008


    hey guys,

    I am willing to work till end of January preferably part time mornings. I am currently studying and independently acquiring my series 7(self employed so to say). While i am doing this i would like to improve my existing trading skills regardless of which instruments or exchanges are traded.

    I have a good deal of basic technical analysis skills and have traded many markets before with ok/breakeven results. Where can i find someone with a proven track record in need of a trading assistant or such while teaching me to trade with effective strategies that work.

    I am not interested in putting up my own capital to trade at the firm i am specifically interested in learning without receiving any profits for this.

    Any ideas? Btw im in new york

  2. bstay


    not trying to flame your thread .... but why should anyone train you for free? i mean, that's very impossible request from u.
  3. also you cannot get a Series 7 on your own, you need to be sponsored by a NASD firm if I recall correctly.
  4. bespoke


    you get everything out of it, and they get nothing. wow, sign me up
  5. And eventually do.

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  6. yv2008


    Wow it's like nobody even really read the entire post.

    I was not saying teach me for free and get nothing, as i said im looking to WORK for somebody FOR FREE!!!! as trading assistant or whatever(no sexual favors ofcourse, although some would like that) and in return they teach me how to trade using there methodology and strategies.

    As far as the person's gain for doing this is much larger because they actually have an intelligent experienced person who's a professional working for them for free...

    So it's not something for nothing :)

  7. yv2008


    Who said i didn't have a sponser :)
  8. yv2008


    Actually this was a real line from one of our u.s. presidents while he was in London propositioning a prostitution.. funny non the less :)

  9. What what kind of work can you do? Run excell sheets?
    Open and Close word 7.0 and type in a book report?
    exactly which type of professional work do you think will actually make your mentor any type of money.

    This isn't farming, nobody needs a cow or grunt to do the "work"

    The work is done in the mind.
  10. danielc1


    I think it depends on your trading methodology. If he or she was in my country I would take the offer. It is not so bad to have someone do all the preparation on your trading instruments.(Selections, printing charts, updating tradelogs, capturing news items on stocks or futures and so on.) It would save us a lot of time and I have played with the idea to hire someone to do all this...
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