I need a multi-function laser printer

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    i use the HP 3330(they also have a 3310 & 3320) i don't know the diff. i got the 3330 as a gift. it works great, i also have the hp d135, although not laser, you wouldn't know the difference, both are by far the best printers i've ever had. the brother mfc 4800 is a good one also, i used that before i got the 3330
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    Thanks for the info.

    The "problem" with inkjets is the cost to run them. I have heard that the printer makers even use (some) inkjet printers as loss leaders, and then make their money on you on the huge expense of replacing the ink cartridges - Gillette still does something similar with razors - they "give away" the razor, and then get you on the blade refills. Walmart is doing this with DVD's, but only to get you into the store...

    Otherwise, I would have zero problems with inkjets.

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  3. Many generic manufacturers solve this problem by offering clones at sometimes as low as 10% of the OEM price. The manufacturers can't seem to do much about it.

    Michael B.

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    the hp 3330 and brother mfc 4800 aren't inkjet, they are laser, only the d135 is inkjet.
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    Yes yes, I know on the HP. I was just commenting on inkjets in general.

    I really like the HP 3330...the smrp is $699. None of the discounters are discounting it. I don't understand... :confused:

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  6. true for HP equipment - but with HP the printer cartridge also has a print head so it costs more/cartridge than other inkjets. side effect is you always have a new print head and quality rocks.

    some genrealizations - epson inkjet are the cheapest per page - hp inkjet is the most expensive. if you print often the HP cost/page comes down since you do not need to replace the print heads - plus i think the startup ink cleaning process uses less than epson. laser the overall cheapest per page.
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    Yes, that all sounds about a summary of my experience as well.

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  10. Hi All,

    Laser or Inkjet? As many pointed out, inkjet printers can be very versatile devices. I have a long experience with hp Officejet 1175 and hp D145.

    In my opinion the major advantage of laser printing is the more permanent nature of the print. Inkjetprinted copy smears easily if wetted. The laserprint is "baked-on" which makes it more permanent. This does not mean that stability is guaranteed over very long time periods (tens of years). Laser print seems to be subject to longterm desintegration.

    Be good,

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