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    I'm looking for someone who can help me in trading to be my mentor to guide me. I'm a newbie and i need advice from the professional. Ofcouse for free.

    Is there any professional trader willing to help me? If yes, here is my email muhd.yacob@gmail.com

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    I need to have complex brain surgery. Is there any neurosurgeon here who is willing to operate on me? Of course for free. Please contact me at stupidand cheap@gmail.com
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  4. If your serious or any one else looking for a mentor...read this to help ensured you and your mentor are compatible:



    Further, no such thing as free mentoring because there are hidden costs involved even though you didn't pay the mentor a single penny.

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    free advice is worth double what you paid for it !
  6. No prob.

    I got THREE doctors for you!

  7. reg


    That sounds like a great deal.
    Will he/she also be given the honor of bringing you breakfast every morning while mentoring you?
  8. Dear <b>Jacob</b>,

    I'd be willing to help... in exchange for a free, fully guided big-game hunt in your general area. Whitetails in western Canada, Elk in the Rockies, moose or dall sheep in Alaska, anywhere in Europe, Africa, Argentina or New Zealand safaris would be superb.

    Most of those hunts run anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 or more. Seems silly to spend so much money for a few day's guidance in the wilderness, but too many self-guided hunters become part of the food chain itself.


    My (hopefully) humorous analogy to point out how time, labor & experience in any endeavor are not free. There is a HUGE misconception that someone can sit with a "mentor" watching over their shoulder for a few days = weeks and be fully armed to trade profitably. Not true... that is barely a start to someone's professional career.
  9. well said!!!

  10. It all depends. I was already well versed in theory and couple of weeks of mentoring helped me to get over the hump and I was ready to go .
    As far as complete newbie is concerned you are absolutely right.
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