I Need a Lottery Ticket

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  1. I'm in deep in the neighborhood of two hundred large owed to some upstanding citizens who hail from the fair city of Newark. You could say I've got somewhat of a cashflow problem. So what's the quickest play to get me back on top in the green? Some moron got me in a shitload of INTC July calls before the close. Needless to say it ain't looking too good. So what about Plan B?
  2. INTC calls..WTF were you thining buying calls b4 earnings? How much did you spend on those calls?
  3. Let's just say my future's not looking too bright unless I can move on some primo trades pronto! So you got any recommendations or are you just going to bust my balls?
  4. you really do stick true to your name pal. Heres' a tip that you'll be thankful for later, quit trading ASAP. It's obvious at this point you have no idea what your doing.
  5. Did you not read my predicament? You don't just pass on these guys. "No thanks I'll just sit this one out" doesn't cut it with these wayos. If I can't pull off a big score, well....let's don't go there....

  6. You borrowed cash from the mob?
  7. This is another windup thread why are you people so gulible?
  8. Also known as a troll.
    Don't feed the trolls people.
  9. Problem is a lot of the trolls are Aussie like that T28 knob
  10. Aussie? Last time I checked trolls don't divulge their personal information.
    They come from all walks of life, they don't discriminate against gender, race or geographical location.
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