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    Anyone know of someone leaving the industry and doing something creative and productive. I'm so sick of throwing darts at random bets (house never loses). I produced a 7 figure income trading at a large prop firm (98,99,2000) and now cant buy a fraction. The industry has arbed every inefficiency through attrition or regulation. I'm afraid the time has come. I am so unhappy with not only my performance, but with the future of making short-term trades over the span of a career. Please someone tell me a story of a trader who packed up and left (and is happy with what they are doing for a career)......
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    If you earned a 7-figure income for three years, hopefully you have put away a lot. The world is your oyster!
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    I was under thirty and did my best to spend it. I figured I was REALLY smart and invested a ton of my time and commission dollars in building relationships with the sell-side. When they stopped making me money - I realized I was young and part of a trading bubble. I scaled down quickly. However, I can't live of my savings forever. I have zero skills outside of trading a 5 million dollar pad and have been laughed out of hedge funds. I was told I'd get a 10% payout at two funds. They also said my critical mass was probabyl 10 million in a volatile mkt. They gig is up....
  4. Liquidate, buy a boat and sail the world. Takepart of your money and do some long term investing. Maybe move to Costa Rica instead, live a good life. With your money buy real estate. I knew a guy who retired from the banking industry. Moved there and made a fortune off of the real estate and enjoyed every minute of it.
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    Before you throw trading out the window at least try the 30 free trial of my brand-new 2-years-in-development swing trade program. As dumb as it sounds, you'd have to go out of your way to lose money with it. http://www.stockstalker.com/ It's deadly simple and if you need help or insider advice, send me PMs. (btw: sorry for the plug, I feel much shame, but we could be changing a life here)

    Best wishes in all your endeavors,

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    solve the fact I have a daughter and a wife and I'm set
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    What are the results of the system's picks, either in backtesting or realtime?
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    I'm sure this is an obvious amatuer question...but....

    why would anyone sell a system if it made money? Why would you bother soliciting a $150 a month system rather than just trading it yourself?
  9. Sounds like your a little depressed because your not making big money any longer. Well here is some advice. I wouldnt ask people on ET for advice. Most of these clowns have not made jack shit in their entire trading careers. (Most of whom dont have any trading careers and are just on the board because they are bored at work so they like to check out the internet alot). If you made all that money or if u have a 5 million dollar pad your more than fine. If you need someone to tell you that there you go.
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    I traded a 5mm prop account that was not my money. I received 50% pay out. I figured i'd leave to go out on my own and start a hedge fund and traded my personal money for 100%. I havent made a dime since. I started a fund in 2003 with 2.5 million and was up 2% after 6 months and all my investors left (underperformance is like AIDS). I'm liquid for maybe another year and am totally scared. I've been looking for a job outside of the prop world (which is now just a casino with leverage). I've had no luck. Very much at a crossroad, and think most of us are as well.
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