i need a good broker

Discussion in 'Options' started by sheng, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. sheng


    I'm new to options...
    i need a good broker that will meet my needs:

    -1-5 contract per trade
    -1000-3000 min account deposit
    -nice easy to use platform
    -no monthly fees

    i was looking at the following three:

    interactive brokers
    think or swim

    thanks for your help
  2. H*Pi


    All of thew above have higher minimums. IB is $10k and TOS is $3.5k. I don't know OH's minimum.
  3. I use optionsxpress.com and it works alright.
  4. MTE


    If you are new to options then Thinkorswim would be hard to beat in terms of the platform and customer support.
  5. Sheng,

    You were a little vague . . . are you just trading options? Do you need quality educational tools? Everybody's got something a little bit different to offer.

    If you're just trading options, then TOS is a good suggestion, but they don't offer futures, if that matters to you.
  6. ssss


    oxps ,thinkorswim,ameritrde have direct routing

    IB is not cheaper by direct routing(1.75$) and is market -maker
    through TMWD

    OXPS,AMTD,IBKR are public noted with 1-10 bln$ of market value

    TOS privat .

    Author have had legal issue with TOS

    P.S. tradeking is cheaper ,but have not direct routing
  7. zdreg


  8. ssss


    TOS is a 100% owned subsidiary of a publicly traded co trading under the symbol swim.

    Dear Sir

    You are right ... Author not contacted TOS after legal issue
    in feb 2007

    Excuse the author for not precize information
  9. ssss


    Business Segments
    Management analyzes our operations by reviewing financial information regarding products and services that, up through 2006, were aggregated into a single operating segment, investor education. Following the acquisition of thinkorswim in February 2007, we will also report a securities broker-dealer segment.

  10. MTE


    TOS does offer futures, not all but they do!
    #10     Feb 6, 2008