I need a candid review of FTMO

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  1. I know there are some mentions of FTMO prop program on this forum already, but i want some sort of "eyewitness" review. Is the forex funded program legit? Has anyone here done this successfully? Is it worth my time and investment? I really appreciate your inputs.
  2. So you got to pay 345 euros to join?
  3. Yes, that is for the $50000 account. The $10000 account costs €155.
  4. sounds like a good bet for them and not bad for newbies to be under pressure to perform
  5. Thanks for your input. Do you have some experience with them?
  6. None
  7. but all i can tell u its worth finding our for few hundred euros
    I would do it if i was in my early trading days because it gives u an external
    Perspective on your self
    Whats your worse case scenario
    Few hundred loss
    Worth it
  8. I agree with your point. Thanks
  9. Franz


    FTMO says, you get the fee back if funded and being paid the first time. So far haven´t seen this from other firms.
  10. It sounds good.Thanks.
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