I need a broker, who help me

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    Hello dear friend,,I'm sorry to bother you. I found this forum on the net .
    First of all, please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Andy zou.and I am a day-trader I have 4 years experience as a day-trader.I like trading,so I hope i can find a broker on this forum.I konw here have U.S. stocks trading account. So I take the liberty to send this post to seek advice.
    Second,about me : I have over 30 experienced traders and need over 30 accounts. The monthly profit for each account is about 20000~50000 USD. The daily netloos for each account is about 2000 USD and the daily volume is between 300000 to 2000000. It is greatly related to the transaction activity of the market.
    And than below is my question:
    1, Is there Sterling platform on the account ? How much the trading fee is?
    2, If I make money, how much is the commission?
    3, For the first cooperation, I'm going to start two accounts, how much margin should I pay? Is Margin send to the company's account directly?
    4, to open an account, What should I submit to you? How to sign the contract?
    5, long it will take for opening an accounts ?
    Hope someone can spare some time to reply my questions, thanks in advance.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Warmly greeting
    Best Regares