I need a broker that lets me trades foreign equities.

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  1. Help need a broker so i can day trade stocks worldwide.
    any suggestions.
  2. need help
  3. Instinet early am anymore?

    I think since they merged with island , they no longer

    provide executions pre 7 am in us equities?
  4. alanm


    Does the Instinet book even exist any more? Could it legally? I don't think they could legally show a customer order there and have it be executable (against other Instinet customers' orders?), and still satisfy their obligation to display it publicly. If they did put it on their internal book and show it via another ECN or SM - there would be dual liability.
  5. Anybody know if I can access foreign stock markets? Equities? I would like to know if there is a way to play london equities and also korean equities. I tried getting more info about IB but didn't say anything about equities, only foregin futures and options.

  6. You may have to click on "Products" to get the list. Also, look at products not available to US citizens.

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    As the other folk have noted, IB is probably the best for physical equities through the UK & Europe.

    If you want access to Japan, Korea and other Asian physicals check these guys out.


  8. wow thanks, goin to check out boom, see what the minimum requirement is and what leverage i will receive.. now there is access to asian stocks and not only futures...
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