I miss days like today!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by GreenDog, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. Love that eod flush! Nothing like a great PM follow through.

    The absence of late day tankage and/or short squeezage has been annoying lately. Today's PM slide was a breath of fresh air. In fact, I'm taking "option exp friday" off to play golf.


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    There has been a lot of late day follow through in the current move. Maybe not in the direction you have wanted it, but in the direction the market has been going.

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    after a tough friday the 13th (wiping my hard earned week)... i am now traumatized with trading on fridays once again...

    So i now made fridays my official golf days.

  4. I imagine you're relatively new to trading (and hence the "website" LOL). Those of us who have been doing this a long time know that the monster pm squeezes (and huge late day slides) of years ago have been "relatively" few and far between.

    Best of luck to you during your learning process -- always stay positive! ... and don't be afraid to ask questions when you don't understand something. There are no stupid questions here on ET! (uhhhh, OK GreenDog -- if you say so)


  5. Im glad its over
    came in long several thousand loser jpm/c pairs which I didnt want but needed to have, then got caught in a premarket openbook fake bid trap in mwd...200k shares and only 300 after commish...felt like a war ....your right on about slippin....tomorrow could be most interesting for short side action
  6. That last half hour jam job every day was no doubt just a big coincidence. We all know the market is random, efficiently priced and not subject to manipulation.

  7. thats like 9million dollars , am i right ? :eek:
  8. you "crutch paired" a loser I'm assuming??

    was doing a lot of leader/laggard pairs for awhile, but for some reason have just about abandoned the pairs for now. In a sense, I am using a "pair strategy" w/ my swing longs/shorts -- but generally no "pure pair" plays.

    ... today was such a nice slide that I only covered half my position (10K QQQ) at the close -- will let the additional 10 ride to break-even on Friday -- while I'm playing golf!!!!!! I'm fine w/ getting stopped out at b/e for the second half of the position -- because the "reward" part of the equation is there. We'll see.

  9. i pulkled 34 points out the NQ alon today. doe s it get any beter thenthat? i am a tradin ggod heh :cool:
  10. LOL! Do you have some oil wells your selling the rights to? I just bought some Florida beachfront property from a guy over the phone and I have a bit of money left. Oops, there's an aluminum siding guy at the door, I'll be right back.

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