I met a good trader recently, 15 year pro, and he never heard of ET

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by space, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. space


    can you believe he never heard of ET

    how the hell do you trade for 15 years and never hear of ET

    I asked him what the hell do you do in your free time

    he says, "I read or surf the net"

    and you never heard of ET

    he goes "is that some kind of news service or data provider"

    LOL :p
  2. space


    not many of you will be able to tell sarcasm here

    so I am making fun of you people just so we are clear :D
  3. It's hard to believe a pro trader has time to talk to a 12-year old :p
  4. space


    work on your insults brother, polish them a little

    rather old don't you think
  5. Euler


    If you think that's hard to believe, get this: a couple of weeks ago, I met a guy who had never heard of TRADING.

    His occupation was full-time troll and earned-income-credit recipient.

    Now here's the kicker -- not only had he heard of ET; he's a FREQUENT, multialias poster!
  6. jim2000


    You don't know how hard that made me laugh. :) Thanks for the intraday chuckle.
  7. Does anyone really learn anything about trading on ET?
  8. You are here, big guy. What does that say about YOU :p

  9. Actually, you are not ONLY here all the time but are here under 100's of aliases!

    PS And let's be honest, you did not meet anyone recently, let alone a successful trader. Your social skills probably don't allow for you to go the grocery store more than once a month :D
  10. CET


    I'm embarrassed for you.
    #10     Apr 21, 2009