I meet Trump :)

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    Last night in Toronto, I went to the Learning Annex Real Estate Wealth Seminar.

    50,000 Yes that's right 50,000 people all paid $200 and crammed into a building (standing room only) to hear various motivational and real estate GURU's talk.

    Tony Robbins
    Bob Diamond
    The Secret (guy)
    etc.. etc...

    The final speaker was Donald Trump.

    The funny thing is all the GURU's kept regurgitating all the same nonsense but with different words, till finally Trump stands up and gives everyone his 10 key ingredients to business success.

    Here's what I found amazing... when Trump gives his lecture it completely flies in the face of almost everything these other wanna bee guru's have been selling the public for decades. :eek:

    The whole time I'm sitting there thinking to myself $200 for infomercials ????

    (a girlfriend and I went down last minute and bought the passes from people that were leaving for $20 ... true story) :p

    The good news is I meet an old friend who is a sponsor in the event and he takes us back stage and I get to meet Trump (very very briefly) in person.

    I have to admit that I was very impressed with Trump for the reason that .... He tells it like HE see it.

    If your wondering I did ask him one question:

    I asked him what's it like to be married to such an amazingly beautiful women?.

    He said

    OUTSTANDING .... with a huge smile on his face :D

    The point of this story is do not believe a word any GURU tells you unless they themselves are successful, because they are not even close to the reality and never will be.
  2. Pass the sickie bag......
  3. Joab, did you take notes, would like to here what they are.

  4. 10 key ingredients to business success?

    Did he include this one:

    Earn six figures by giving a half an hour seminar presentation.
  5. Tums


    click on the free download. you can hear Trump talk about 10 things to success.


    warning: if you don't opt-out, they will send you email every week with different get rick quick seminars.
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  7. Ok... I met Gates.

    Back in San Franciso. 1999 if I recall correctly.

    He told me to follow my dreams. :)
  8. Others might include:

    - work hard
    - have a dream
    - get an education

    .... then you pay 45.00 for his book. It takes money to make money.

  9. Joab


    That's number 4....


    Yes I was shocked that he said it too. :)
  10. Joab,
    Congrads on meeting Trump. Sometimes its easy to figure out what we'd like to say when we meet someone we admire. I was definetly caught off gaurd when I met his number 2 man George Ross eating lunch. I paid for his lunch and asked for a pix.
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