I mean, I have bills to pay...I have two houses...

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  1. That's one way to game the system.

    In Congress, they just get some inside information and make 100k trading.

    Then we have lobbyists and all those checks...

    Then we have the guys who get a billion dollars from Obama for some green stuff, hand out bonuses to the tune of 700k for top executives, and then go bankrupt...

    is any of this fair? Of course not.

    It's just soo much easier to go after this lady..

    then say the head of Freddie, Fannie, etc...
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    Killer got $30,000 in unemployment while in jail, officials say


    those is a great examples of how gvt handles MY MONEY
    the systems is FUBAR.

    how about this one-


    how <del>fucked</del> up the system have to be that they not even notice a <del>fuckin</del> explosion in tax refunds in <del>fucking</del> tampa?
    is there anyone,who can handle simple math? are they not bright enough in IRS to create a simple filter to see the difference between years in tax rebates for particular area\zipcode?

    and this is i believe is only a tip of the <del>fucking</del> iceberg...

    <del>fuck</del> this nonsense..the IRS workers should be in same cage with those,who still my <del>fucking</del> tax money. at labor camp...no free <del>fucking</del> lunch, you earned or you die from starvation in some place like alaska, in uranium mines... very simple rules for prisoners. work,pay back or die..

    ------IRS officials say the use of stolen identities to fraudulently file for tax refunds, generally involving stolen Social Security numbers, is a growing problem. Last year, the agency says, it found 260,000 income tax returns with confirmed attempts at identity fraud and blocked the payment of $1.4 billion worth of refunds. ----

    don't <del>fucking</del> lie to me..they already pocket the money and bought some lambos,bentleys,houses..it was all over the place. it's not just "attempt". they succeed.
  3. Bob111...can you put the drink down?
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    This is how cultures collapse. There is a better life by gaming the system than by being productive. Eventually too many are gaming the system and it cannot sustain itself. Most of the Public Sector employees are just gaming the system in their jobs same as welfare cheats do.

    People should get past worrying about the system or trying to figure out how to fix it. Nobody can fix it, it's over very nearly. I'm looking at the SHTF scenario that is upcoming. It should be interesting. I do believe that we can keep our internet infrastructure up and running. Other countries have kept their phone system up during all sorts of terrible times, pretty similar thing really. So we'll have SHTF but it will be with internet, might not be as bad as it sometimes is...
  5. There is a casino in MN I grew up by called Mystic Lake. The indians there get 500k right when they turn 18 and every year thereafter. Not from the government but from the casino. Anyway my buddy used to work at a grocery store near by and would always see indians pulling up in escalades, mercedes, and bentlys but they still used foodstamps buying junkfood and cigarettes.

    Sometimes all you can do is laugh. :p
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    here we go again-

    U.S. man convicted in 'enormous' tax scam that involved hundreds of Canadians


    how dumb the IRS workers have to be to issue 350K refund check without looking into details of such return? unreal..dumb and dumber..

    one idiot issued refund and another one tried to cash it..un fucking believable.. and we are scrapping pennies trading,scared shittles of any error,that might trigger irs audit
  7. They are doing better than the indians near me who only get $30k per year from the casino. Guess there are more indians to split the pot with there though.