I may never read another political article again.

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  1. I mean seriously, its just gotten so outrageous the crap that makes it in magazines, and hits the wires, and gets posted front page of yahoo.

    Read this article and tell my what a fucking moron this idiot writer is.

    You can hate bush all you want but to insinuate that Obama is saving the day when it comes to the financial crisis makes me want to vomit.

    Paulson (bush admin.) along with the fed has taken measures (right or wrong) to avoid a complete financial collapse and this writer claims they did nothing and obama is saving the day because he got together an economic team that hasn't done anything yet, oh and he also wants to spend a trillion dollars to fix bridges and crap. Yeah, thats great. That will save citi, merrill, bank of america... oh god.

    LOL!!!! WTF!! OMG!!!

  2. LOL!!!! WTF!! OMG!!!

    Bingo. The writer got a response (from you, in this instance and now me). That is all they live for.
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    Writers are comparing him to Lincoln. A month from now, they'll be saying God himself should come down to receive advice from the Great Obamasiah. Hopefully, the Obamasiah will soon wave his hands over the oceans and lower them soon. If only Obamasiah had been in New Orleans on that fateful day - he could have turned Katrina away from the coast.
  4. Sore loser ?
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    You nailed it. That article is far less about Obama than it is about Bush, but these wingnuts try to make it all about Obama.

    Newsflash, wingnuts: almost anybody for the next President would be a big improvement over W. You just can't get over the fact that a Black Democrat with an Islamic name is among that capable crowd.
  6. not to mention that he would have saved the Pentagon and WTC...
  7. I would rather be a sore loser than a victim of Obama's lies. The middle and lower class will be very intamate with Obama's lies soon and Obama will be looked at as the biggest mistake and over hyped person in all of history.
  8. Just as historians will one day see GWB as one of our greatest presidents, right?
  9. Bush got in a war because he told people there were WMD's. The Iraq war did not affect the average American at all.

    Obama told the average lower and middle class American that he was 100% certain how to bring change to the economy. The average American will be heavily hit with reality when the lower and middle class figure out that Obama can't do shit.

    My statement is not an attack on Obama. It's an attack on Obama's statements. Obama knows he can't do what he promised and if he thinks he can than he is as idealistically retarded as college students.

    By promising all of this change Obama will look massively disconnected from the reality of the situation because any balanced minded person would never actually promise all of this with all the economic problems.

    Get ready for a big let down sense it seems you are in the Obama party.
  10. Honestly, this thread that I created is NOT about how good or bad Obama OR Bush is.

    Its about how fucking crazy these fucking writers are about completely ignoring facts and making up fairy tales about whoever they "like" whether that be a right wing conservative or a left wing liberal. Doesn't mater, the point is, its all crap, garbage, trash.

    Its completely void of any logical thought. The guy who wrote this article should be working as a carny at wildwood new jersy.
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