I may have lost my shirt betting on Plunge protection Team

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  1. come on BEN, don't let it drop

    I am heavily leveraged long


    for my house

    childrens college fund

    wife's vacation money

  2. noooo

    this can't be

    this can't be happening
  3. I actually Like Ben Bernanke as a person

    he is very well educated and he is even a philosopher at heart

    too bad he is evil as well

    we could have been friends
  4. This should be a lesson why academics should not be in charge of running the country, what happens on paper, stays on paper. In other words, what works on textbook knowledge and modelling, has no bearing on what happens in the real world. College education only takes you so far, and guys who spend their careers in college should not be allowed to run the solutions. Bernanke is nothing more than an over-hyped college professor.
  5. Yes, but he got the job because he pledged he would "play ball" with the Administration's needs and wants for "money pumping"... regardless of the consequences. :mad:
  6. The "men behind the curtain" must be ROTFLTAO.... thinking "those stupid fucking Americans... look what we are doing to them... right under their noses... and almost none of them have a clue.. in fact, most of them are begging for more... "
  7. It's funny that one guy gets to decide such big economic policies on his own.

    When Greenspan ran the show, he followed his "philosophy" even when other Fed governors warned against it.
    So he gets to be monarch.
  8. bit


    "... and the ones that have a clue want to send tea bags to Washington! ROFL"

  9. did you guys know that bankers killed people in early 1900s in order to establish the FED

    if you were too vocal against it

    you were gone buddy :eek:
  10. Gotta start somewhere. You don't understand the symbolic gesture??
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