I make you rich and you make me rich, lets do it together

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ChDong, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. ChDong


    Lets say you knew for sure that Obama and not the GOP take your pick will be the president for 4 more years.

    Where do I find one of those betting funds or what have you so that I can turn this into millions.
    Help me for real and I will help you by giving you evidence why Obama will win so that you too can invest without a worry of a loss.
  2. Humpy


    Phone Ladbrokes.com - they will give you the betting odds and then place your bet !!

    You can pm me with your whizzo info

    ( If the Republicans can find someone even half alive, they are likely to win imho )
  3. ChDong


    ladbrokes only gives 25% profit on Obama as if the bastards know already Obama will win
    I need more a lot more money

    I tried PM ing you and it doesn't work

  4. Bloomberg showed a little clip of Perry and Romney having a little spat, ....... i tell you, it was so depressing . :( .
  5. Lol, you're new to this game aren't you ?

    Pm. Luke...... he is offering odds of 5 to 1 Obama will lose. :) .
  6. ChDong


    yes I am new to this I wouldn't ask otherwise.
    let me check it out
  7. ChDong


    site calculator tells me payback on Obama is 80% which isn't bad.
    how do I PM you two
    it isn`t working

    post your email make one up on gmail or yahoo or something
  8. ChDong


    nice thanks I hope this is liquid so that I can buy Obama shares
    post your email make one up
  9. baro-san


    You can buy s&p put LEAPS.
    #10     Dec 12, 2011