I make 20 cents per hour.

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  1. Not only is that an amazing talent, but the fact that he was standing on an unstable surface like a boat! And to think the poor guy only makes 20 cents per hour and works 12+ hours per day. I think there will be alot of jobs like this when the economy collapses. I just wonder if americans would rather starve than get paid 20 cents per hour.

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  2. Somebody please tell me this is fake.
  3. it is not fake, go to any third world country, you can see this

    I even see worse in remote countryside of middle eastern countries where people work only for food

    At least this guy getting paid money
  4. when i was in china i saw this guy doing construction. his knees bent the other way. it was the oddest thing. the labour force is treated poorly in the third world. perhaps this is why they have issues when developing.
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    I saw this video a while back surprised to see it resurface again on this site. Was pretty amazed when I first saw it and Im still amazed, I dont know if I am more amazed by his talent or the amount of money he makes. Again I know we dont know how much he makes but Im sure its only a couple of dollars a day.

    When I see these type of videos of what goes on in these third world countries and I see the craze of how their economies are growing, how their GDP keeps rising and their markets running up a 100% a year I cant place them together, you would think in 2010 that they would use an entirely different method of moving a few bricks off a boat.
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    Do some research on shipbreakers.

    Research that and see what those working conditions are like. There are a couple of documentaries on it that talk about the kind of conditions these 40,000 workers go through on a daily basis.
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    let's 10 of us adopt one. .25/day per person. we can double his income.
    we can make his life much more pleasant.
    let's go for it.
  8. If we brought him here and paid him $2.50 he'd probably send $2.00 of his pay back home.
  9. count me in
  10. 22 bricks at 20 cents/hour. Wondering what the daily rate/brick carried is... :D
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