I made soo much money today on flea market which was open

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cold, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. cold


    screw stock market, there is a better liquid market that is always open

    today's trade was really really good, Oh god it was fantastisch

    absolutely wunderlich

    made 5 k in under two hr

    I wish every day was as good as today

  2. :) Ok, I'm bored enough right now to take the bait on this one.
    Wow!! how did you do it Cold?
  3. Nice work man! What were locals bidding for vintage baseball cards and a sack of marbles? I heard some big fund had a ton of those to sell!

  4. cold


    I bought 3 grams of coke, and I added special kind of flour to it and made from it 7 grams of decent looking coke

    I sold it to less experienced users and believe me you can tell which ones are not heavy users

    you see if they look slim, they ARE heavy users

    if they look fat / obese / facial edema. They are new fish
  5. cold


    you are a lunatic man :mad:
  6. cold


    hey who the hell are you, who are you to judge me :mad: :mad:
  7. Is that you again T28 you wanker?
  8. Johno


    If we leave him alone he can have a nice conversation all by himself over in the corner, from what I gather thats the way he prefers his sex life!
  9. I have a strong feeling he will be banned soon.
  10. Don't



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