I made a thread that proves hershey is mad....WHY deleted

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  1. what's the point in protecting hershey

    he is not sponsor here

    my thread Proved beyond shadow of doubt that Jack is completely mad

    you guys took care of it so fast

    I don't think even spyder was able to see it
  2. Joe


    That thread was a joke, 3 pages of nothing... basically one liners all cracking jokes on JH.
  3. Why not try it again with another alias, 'original'?
  4. Do you need some vagisil "cold"?

    Why are you such a frickin whiner? :p

  5. He just needs some attention, thats all :D
  6. he cannot communicate with 95% of people, I'll give you that. He may be arrogant but he may also be a genious. All I know is idiots like you are constantly starting threads and bashing him like he is insane. If he's insane, stfu then. let him ramble. I dont understand why you so called "super successful" traders spend so much time trying to discredit him.

    Do you also follow around homeless people you think are "insane" and keep prodding at them?? No, you leave them be and go on your way. What you do here makes no sense. And frankly, its just annoying to everyone. Between you and the other psycho more threads and posts are dedicated to hershey than anything else. Just stop the madness already.

  7. DUDE what's the matter with you

    if you can not understand post of Jack Hershey how can he be a genius

    and why wouldn't I attack him

    the guy pollutes people,

    Cokie what I am about to say I truly mean it

    YOU ARE A victim of Jack,

    I am on your fuking side man, but you don't see it

    this idiot has stolen your right to be a trader because he polluted your mind MAN
  8. a victim how? I traded successfully for 7 years before i ever even HEARD of him. WTF are you even talking about.

    You arent on my side because I have no "side". I'm just amazed at why people like you, who claim success, waste so much time trying to discredit someone who is "insane" as you say. There are tons of crazy fuks out there, why focus on him?? Your actions make no sense bro.

  9. Geoff36


    He generates posts counts and views for Baron and Joe, which translates into better advertising exposure for me and Alex at pureTick, which means we pay Baron and Joe more.

    They don't really care what you think about Jack.

    We ride deep here:

    Me, Alex, Baron, Magna and a few friends at the expo.

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