I made a huge Coffee Score

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  1. Yes, java gold. I buy my coffee green and in bulk so Im sitting on a huge pile of beans, and now theres a massive short squeeze.

    I will be offering my stash to the hedge funds than need to cover.
  2. Good job man. Totally missed it. Been strictly trading grains and missed the very clear breakout.
    Call premiums must be jacking out of control.

  3. One coffee local made 12MM this week on the move.
  4. schizo


    Damn, that's a scary looking chart. What the hell happened? All the coffee crops got decimated or what?
  5. How can you invest in physical without going to exchange to much paper work with my job rather go physical route.
  6. options local? where did you hear this...yes option vols are all over the place...idk though Im hearing conflicting stories about this squeeze apparently there is a squeeze but at the same time the harvest is supposed to be great and there are no weather problems so I really don't know...
  7. if you think Coffee made a move, check the Oats graph :D :D
  8. Just this week? Not including the huge move earlier in the month?

    I know it's all relative to # of contracts, but sheesh.
  9. I heard about the guy from a buddy who's a fellow coffee futures local. I assume he meant a position culminating this week. The guy has been offsetting the position and plans to trade upstairs after he gets flat.
  10. kc local? the futures pits have been closed for over a year...
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