I made a 450% Return on my investment thanks to this crash today!

Discussion in 'Options' started by prc117f, Feb 2, 2018.

Can I milk this into a career?

  1. yes make tons of money teaching your system

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  2. no go back to trading.

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  1. prc117f


    I should have bought more but I was just trying taking a small wager and it blew up quicker than I expected. So can I milk this 450% return for years and start writing books and making videos on how I can get 450% returns?

    I even put the proof so no one can say I am lying about my amazing returns.

    short term options really do get wacky as they near expiration and gamma risk explodes.
    looks like volatility is back, about time!!!
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  2. sss12


    You have 300k in cash and you took a $200 position ? Dude, step up a little.
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  3. Handle123


    Roflmao - yea good with book and videos
  4. sss12


    I was only bustin' chops...it was a nice trade.
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  5. Jack1960


    Just get on cnbc
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  6. prc117f


    I Just need to figure out how to scale those 450% return trades :)
    I just need to figure out how to scale up these 450+% return trades. :) and become a billionaire. Probably easier to sell books and videos like all the other schmucks selling a system.
  7. Create an App of some sort, rather then writing a cliche, dry, drab book.
    I spent this afternoon reading about app development, from a business perspective.
    I would like to create a finance/trading app, or not me personally,...but hire a guy or two to create my vision.

    You can get stupendously rich, if you develop an app that alot of people like and enjoy.
    Clash of Clans was made for cheap...and it generated basically a billion dollars in revenues. a Jackpot for its founders/creators.
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  8. d08


    I was thinking you were ready to buy your own island until I saw the position size.
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  9. schweiz


    Have you proof for at least 100 transactions like this?

    Aaaah, I understand it was a one time achievement...
    You are dreaming you can replicate this over and over again. That would be necessary to have an edge.
  10. Well done - despite moving out of the market I took a step back yesterday but am still well up for the year. When the portfolio was moving up 10K a day, it wasnt surprising to take a 25K loss on a big down day.
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