I made $7 million USD in 2008

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  1. The most money I've made in a year ever.

    A huge leap by magnitudes from what I made in 2007

    I was expecting to feel euphoric or at least have more emotion.

    Yet, it does not seem to resonate.

    The numbers in my account don't mean anything.

    In fact I just feel tired. Very, very tired. I don't know why I feel so tired.


    For those who made your first million trading. How did it feel?
  2. clap clap clap

    Fell better now?
  3. Do you feel tired because of the kind of trading you do? By this I mean was your trading overly stressful (draw downs) or was it intensive for other reasons (high volume scalping in liquid mkts)?

  4. You would feel better if you gave some of that money away...happier, more fulfilled.

    I will PM you my address and you can send me a check for $1,000,000. If you don't feel better, we can go up from there.

  5. Mr. EB

    Mr. EB

    I just started trading full-time a few months ago. I get VERY VERY mentally tired trading all day. After I had a nice run, I actually took the last 20 days off in December to re-charge.

    My first day back trading was today. And my brain is tired after it. LOL.
  6. why not retire?

    thats enough to live off of interest comfortably for the rest of your life without touching the principal.
  7. How so?
  8. You now know the difference between material wealth and passion.

    A lack of passion sucks, no?

    I'm not rubbing it in, but rather, relating to the emptiness I happen to also be feeling lately.

  9. I have a large loss from top in November, but I've had large draw downs before. otherwise I would be up more for the year.

    Although this time I was mentally unable to trade for a few days. paring down to minimal lost size has helped emotionally.

    Although I've never been diagnosed as bipolar, I wonder if I am clinically depressed. I've made an appointment with a shrink next week, hopefully I can get out of this mental funk. Just being inside it is depressing.
  10. Mr. EB

    Mr. EB

    Take some time off man. At least 2 weeks. Go to Aruba and Bahamas etc. to recharge. Get your mind off the market and "off the grid".

    It works.
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