I Made 29.50 ES Points In 42 Seconds (on the SHORT side)

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  1. Too wild. I've logged off my account so I cant give you exact times and prices (it was like 66's vs. 36.50'S). I was already short when the announcement came (but also short Bonds which moved opposite). I waited for the market to stop and sold the first downtick I could. I was looking for prices 50 over where we'd been (mid teens?) when Bernanke struck. I've never been in a screen trade (pit yes) that was so wild. If someone could post time and sales I'd love it.
  2. Excellent Pabst! 42 seconds . . . Talk about being in the right place at the right time. I hope someone posts the time and sales, I'd like to see it as well . . .
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  4. I LOVE it!! Great mind's think alike.

    I was so wired that I remember very little about the trade. It seemed like it was being offered 5pts at a crack.
  5. Well done ! Congrats to both of you ! :p
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    More contracts would have been nice, but I'll take it. I'm new to the futures game, but I learned how to fade these sort of massive moves from the forex market.

    I was actually expecting for it to bounce higher and close above the spike.
  7. Only 29 points?:D :D

    Congrats. It's good to be the king!!!!!
  8. Um your point? Did you make money? (I take it not much) You;'re so smart please tell me more.
  9. Wow, you really are an ass.
  10. You are a little out of your league there. Why does someone else making money bother you? Pabst has a journal and he has lost money as well, give someone his due. We tolerate your endless permabullishness, don't we?
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