I MADE 22k IN 5 DAYS with 11K

Discussion in 'Trading' started by StockyIrishman, Jun 21, 2007.

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    in order not to be naked you need to buy the calls first.
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  2. I read that on the S&C ad this month.

    Amazing that they came up with such stupid ad, this kind of bullshit its really hurting they image instead of giving a good impression.

    First of all, chart/news/streaming data doesn't guarantee anything and anyone with a least 50 of IQ may know that.

    Second, If one stupid gambler made 22k with 11k who cares? A real trade wont care.

    So, i guess that this ad its pointed to these stupid newbies who think the american dream in the market its possible.
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  3. I have to agree. If I had to choose a data-provider an add like this would put them on the bottom of the longlist. It's so un-serious and not targeted at serious traders. They seem to target n00bs as a source of easy income, that is usually not the company I prefer.

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  4. I have tried esiganl, but I always seem to go back to Prophet charts. I pay a Membership of $49.95 plus CME E-Mini Real Time Exchange $25.00.

    I find them very easy to use. and fast, I have checked it against the ER2 and YM on the bid & offer on J Traders platform and they are spot on with the bid & offers tick for tick......They also have a tool that allows you to draw a line and it counts how much the market have moved as you draw a line, I like this a lot and I use it a lot,for placing stop and target so on.. Anyway, the question to you guys is, do anyone here use them for day tading futures?

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  5. That's reasonable price Lonely trader
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