I MADE 22k IN 5 DAYS with 11K

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  1. "I MADE 22k IN 5 DAYS with 11K in capital." " My 1st 7 trades were all winners with net returns in excess of 250%." "I've almost doubled my account."

    There's that esignal commercial. OK. I know many of you use Esignal. But isn't this REALLY "unique or acceptional" results? Or do most of you get these results with Esignal?

    I mean... I've got 10K to spare to test Esignals service but the last service I spent over $100on for one month service "OptionMonster.com" Didn't work because Scottrade wouldn't let me do a bull call spread w/out owning the stock.
  2. Let me clarify on optionmonster. It was profitable on simple buys of calls. But if you have 1/2 a brain when speculating, you're going to spead. Unfortunately on some of my trades 1/2 of my brain was on vacation because I simply bought the "tips" that they gave and lost on all but 1 or 2 trades.

    If you can do bull call spreads w/out having to own the stock it could be more profitable. But what I'm really interested in is Esignal.

    I called them 3 days ago and asked them to send me a cd and email me info and haven't received either. :(
  3. eSignal is just a charting and data service. It's a not a trade recommendation service.

  4. I've had similar results while using eSignal. But, I would like to believe it was due to my trading skills instead of the eSignal's charting capabilities.
  5. eSignal is a charting and data service not a brokerage.
  6. I understand it is charting but how different is it to something like stockfetcher?

    Currently I use that for $15 per month or something like that, and isn't esignal $100 -150 +... OMG that dad-gum commercial AGAIN... ugh.
  7. Let me try to help here. This is a complex subject. First you were given sound advice on your previous thread. Instead of writing naked options you are welcome to write me a check; I promise to give part of it to a charity of your choice. You sound like you need a direct access broker such as Interactive Brokers or Tradestation, etc. A direct access broker lets you interact with the exchange so that you can see you are filled right away. You can trade pretty much whatever you want with these types of brokers. A lot of professsional traders will have two or three sources of data, eg. tradestation for charting, esignal for charting and data, IB for execution. There are plenty of threads on this subject under direct access brokers. You will typically pay a fee for the platform/software and then pay each exchange for level 2 data, etc. There are a myriad of brokers, software, data providers, the question is which one does the best all around. I use tradestation for a few of my accounts and haven't had any problems but IB (interactive brokers) seems to be the consensus. Good luck!!
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  9. You forgot to leave your mailing address for me to mail you the check :D

    I don't want to write naked options per-sai. I would like to however... buy ELNGX JUL 22.50 calls and sell ELNGE JUL 25 calls withouth having to own 100 eln shares for every contract.

    BTW... thank you for the insight to IB, charting and date etc... I am just apprehensive about having to learn a new platform after using Scottrade for over a year and would like to move to a more "user friendly" platform without all the overhead of buying more and more services.

    But I guess "If you want to play, you gots ta pay." :(
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    As the earlier poster noted, you were given good advice when you asked basically the same question over here.

    Bottom line - there is no free lunch. Do your homework, read/absorb good books, study charts/price action and trade. Learn from your mistakes, commit to improvement and bust your ass. If you really want to make money, ultimately you will find a way to do it ...

    eSig is a good, functional charting package but as many other posts have noted - it is not cheap. Traders make money - not their charting programs.

    [Sidenote: my apologies for not responding to your question in the 1st thread. I rarely subscribe to posts (hate all the distracting emails) so I never saw it. Typically, I figure if someone really wants an answer, they can PM me....]

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