I made 100 pips a day for 1 month so far.

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  1. Thats right I have pulled in 100 pips for a month, no losing days, for a profit of 3,000 pips in November.

    All I did was pick up a penny off the street and put it in a jar. So far this strategy seems to be working. I hope to repeat it in December.
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    which street(s)
  3. Did you trade all 30 days and everyday in November? :)
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    You trade sunday also?
  5. Good question. Somedays I took the day off but I made up for it with a two penny (200pip) day. I might start a live journal to prove my returns.

    I find it very stressfull going after 100 pips a day though. I hope I can make it through December.
  6. Probably you should say 200 pips [=3000/(21-6 say)] a day. :cool:
  7. Well done! A more meaningful number, though, would be not your average daily pip gain, but your average daily % gain. As you know very well, that little sucker, in turn, depends on leverage employed.

    1:1 --> 100 pips ~= 1% (actually, 0.6 - 1.3%, depending on the currency pair)

    10:1 --> 100 pips ~= 10% (6 - 13%)

    100:1 --> 100 pips ~= 100%% (60 - 130%)

    and so on.

    Of course, the lower the leverage / the higher the margin, the easier it is to extract X pips within a given timeframe, stress-free, all else being equal. Whether X is 7 pips or 700 pips.

    What was your average leverage, your average daily % gain and on which pairs?
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    Yet another paper trader who is a paper millionaire. Dont you know its bad luck to talk about profits?
  9. If i was making some serious cash, i do not think i would have time to post about it. That's just me though:)

  10. Yeah, if I were making 3000 pips a month I would definitely have better things to do!
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