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  1. Respect to all the gurus and experts traders and novice like me

    I have been been trading off an on on different trading sites and losing money and I really want to trade future but I don't know how to stay profitable.
    Would someone be so kind enough to mentor me so i can learn the basis of trading?
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  2. Turveyd


    I can teach you a simple method M1, but you'll need the patience to wait for the setups to come, which is where I suck LOL

    M1 Chart.

    Bollinger Band ( BB ) 8sma 2.5Dev.

    Join the direction of the 12sma, near the outter BB bands, so if down the top BB band, SL otherside of the band. Near the 12sma is also acceptable.

    Study that, see if you can see what I see, might take a while.
  3. Thank you so much for accepting to mentor me. I googled BollingerBand ( BB)8sma2.5Dev it's about graph or candles but what I got online is very limited.

    Sir is possible to mentor me through practice online or to meet in person I travel quite a lot within Europe I wonder if that could be an option for.
    I have tried self learning and online studies it has not helped me. That is why I want a teacher.

  4. Okay, thanks!
  5. trdes


    You have to look very very hard and will take some time to find a mentor. Most people are selfish and don't have the understanding of how to build on things beyond just trading and making money(which is an amazing thing to accomplish on its own no doubt).

    It took me 5 years to find a mentor that was willing to help and actually had a plan that would make it worth his time as well (that's the key if will end up benefiting them too, than they will take it a lot more serious and actually invest the necessary time and resources).
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  6. Handle123


    Trading is not about learning where to get in, matter of fact entering is last aspect of learning how to trade. And a good mentor will spend like 2 years with you, and no, I stopped taking new students few years ago, took way too much time away from other endeavors I am undertaking.

    Takes much time to memorize when not to take trades, so you have to learn to read charting like breathing, much risk management involved, trading has to be considered like owning any other type of business, most people fail as they would fail any other business because of poor management of not knowing(learning) the business. Good mentor will not allow you to trade till you can sim trade and triple 3 separate times for swing or longer term or 18 of 20 days in day trading and losing days under $100. So at very least, you can prove to yourself it can be done in sim. But there is months of sim to memorize patterns, plus adapting to price action changes.

    Learning some system or buying some course does not teach you how to trade which is adapting to market conditions.

    If I was sent back in time, learn spread trading which is a is difficult as day trading but margins smaller, you can make/lose as much as trading underlying futures.

    Wish you good luck in your endeavor.
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  7. FrankInLa


    Simple tip, don't ever consider anyone to teach you whose credible live trading records you have not seen. This filter will keep you away from 98% of morons who claim they can teach but can't make a dime for themselves.

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  8. @Handle123- OMG you are an expert, Thank you so much for taking your time to write those kind words and advise. I will be so bless to have someone like you as my mentor. Oh yes, I have took some online course they dont help and that is why I needed a teacher and a mentor.
    Once again thank you sir for your time!
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  9. Thank very much FranklinLa, noted sir!
  10. Hello Doncharles2020,

    I admire your post. You are doing the RIGHT thing sir. You are asking the right questions.

    Save your capital until you find a training course or mentor you believe in and have documented proof income.
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