I`m at the airport

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ocean5, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. ocean5


    Even though,in reality,i`m actually at home now...

  2. .... home is where the dessault falcon is...
  3. ocean5


    50mil per unit?niiiiiice home....
  4. ocean5


    Who needs reality anyway...
  5. 2sorh


    O'Hara airport?

    nice toilets there, automatic paper seats, nice.......:D
  6. ocean5


    You see,the situation like this...

    No,at Ben Gurion...

    listening Usher...Truth hurts,tell me the truth now...
  7. Do you need transport brother ?


    J can transport you to places you have only dreeeeeeeamed of
  8. I'm in complete harmony n peace with my inner hk,rah...ra
  9. ocean5


    Your body is your transport.It calls "Yantra"-your plane,your spaceship.You think Tiki trader is you,but is not.Tiki trader is your trrrrrrransporrrt.

    Watching the movie "The Game" now,Douglas character is a stupid yantra.I like Sean Penn