I`m a supa-pupa trader

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  1. But Ras says,that RTH is not random and he uses stops.Using stops,you won`t make big money,enough money,and your results will be random or poor, at best.

    I don`t use stops but get caught sometimes with one or two trades that make me trouble.Hence,my conclusion is that the RTH is random environment,though my hit rate is close to 90% on average,sometimes it`s more or 100%.If i add the stops to my system,i`ll get the 50% rate immidiately,or even less,and will be grinding it out back and forth,scratching a buck here and there,like Ras does it,i suppose.I maybe lazy to do the same he does.
  2. Your stop is a margin call...

    If you play smart you won't ever get one, but those "one or two trouble trades" They can also last a loooooonnnnngggggg time in the red.

    Or maybe I misunderstood, do you use mental stops and just close a position out based on that?

    What if you enter a trade that never sees the light of day from the start, then what?

    Are you long only? Where trades can turn to investments.

    Work hard stay humble supa-pa man
  3. I`m not sure what you meant by that.
  4. Do you realize how impossible your statement is?? If RTH's were truly random all the time, there is NO FRIGGING WAY your "hit rate" would be so high. You're a walking contradiction, you need to realize that.

  5. Learn English if you insist on posting on an English speaking site.

  6. Your a stupid loser scratch trader with 15 years of nothing,no need to continue with you.
  7. Scratch? Hardly, but thanks for once again losing your cool. Your emotional makeup always seems to bite you in the ass. Hey, you are the one who started a thread and mentioned me in your OP. Not the other way around.

    P.S What is a Supa Pupa trader anyways....a trader who eats plenty of fiber. :p

  8. Yes i use mental stops,but you never really know where the stops are.To have a precise stop for each trade you need to enter at the very take off,which is not possible.Hence,you either reduce the amount of trades by using a higher TF,to get a precise enter or you don`t use any stops(like i do),but again,there is a problem,you being caught in one or two trades that turn you to BE or a little profit or loss.

    How come it is not random if i do the same things over and over and over again?who claims it is not random,is a complete momo.take Ras,as an example...
  9. Can you explain how you have a hit rate of 90% on average (your words) if RTH's are truly random?

    Definition of Random: "Governed by or involving equal chances for each item."

  10. I only mention you as the example of pure arrogance and stupidity.

    'Supa-Pupa' trader is the one who eats your stops,scratcher.Your a scratcher and that`s pretty obvious.But that`s another sad story of yours
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