I love what this guy said about Obama!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peilthetraveler, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. I saw this in an article and i just had to laugh.

    "The empire is in decline, the culture is in decay, the democracy is in trouble, financial markets near collapse," said Princeton professor Cornel West. "It's almost Biblical. And you can imagine what the black brothers and sisters in the barbershops and beauty salons say: 'Right when the thing is about to go under, they hand it over to the black man.'"

    This is sooooo true. I mean even though I'm voting mccain, if the country does go under in the next 4 years, well then...i hope that obama that is captain of the ship. But if anything, i think mccain could stabalize us a bit better so if he wins, i really dont think america will turn into a dicatorship too soon.
  2. Funny! :)

    Well if you want to stabilize the country, pick the guy who graduated at the top of his class instead of the guy who graduated at the very bottom of his class.

    Plus Obama knows who the enemy is and doesn't confuse Shiite with Sunni on a regular basis and have to be corrected by Lieberman.
  3. Such persuasive and moving points BigDave.
  4. How often its forgotten that Obama is half white and was raised white

    Obama is a very special person and I know blacks want to claim him,but he came out of a white women and was raised by a white man and women

    While Obama has run a near perfect campaign, I think it would have been smoother for him if he brought a little more attention to his white side