I love this country

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  1. Regarding the def situation.

    This country is filled with the spirit of so many free thinkers who are so strong. Close as many threads, censor whatever, delete as many posts as you like, it won't stop the thinkers from reasoning. You can have banner ads, and advertisers who post but than you can't have censorship also or you lose credibility. Once you do, you lose the very people that made this forum good.

    When I came here months before I registered it was a forum with some great content you don't see anywhere else, and I'm no 20something with a woody to trade but a mature successful business man who never wants to stop learning, and that can be done here.

    I think the natives are restless.

    Its just a shame.
  2. agent99


    "This country is filled with the spirit of so many free thinkers who are so strong. Close as many threads, censor whatever, delete as many posts as you like, it won't stop the thinkers from reasoning."

    Exactly. The word will get out. Like a hydra, cut one head off and 2 will grow back in its place. The posting will go on although perhaps not here.

  3. GeeTO69


    you guys are so melodramatic. here come the russian tanks!! and it's all baron's fault! lol
  4. Gee,
    I think you're missing the point. It's all about the differences between people who are censured and accept it, and those who step up to the plate and are not going to accept it.

    It's also about a business model that works well and than, thru errors, crashes and burns. If you think 2+2 =3, every calculation you make afterwards is wrong and I don't want that to happen here.
  5. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Agent 99, Thug_Life, patefern

    There are plenty of message boards out there, but for some reason, you choose to participate here. If you don't like the way the site operates, then why do you continue to participate? Nobody is twisting your arm to stay here. I realize I can't make everybody happy. If you don't feel this community is right for you, and you don't feel comfortable with the concept of moderated forums, then by all means go to SI, Yahoo groups, or another free-for-all site where people can just say whatever they feel like whenever they want to, no matter how off-topic or inappropriate the comments may be.

    I appreciate your participation and feedback, but if the site bothers you that much, then by all means feel free to find another one that meets your needs. In the meantime, I'm going to continue doing what I've done for the last five years, which is run this site in a way that meets members needs but at the same time keeps us in business.
  6. Baron

    Thank you for pointing out my options, also as the owner of this forum you have the right to do as you please, not disputed. The criticism about censorship mentioned here and on other threads was not meant to be personal and was meant to show flaws. If you would rather I don't post just ask.
  7. GeeTO69


    Baron, in all seriousness, i think you are doing an outstanding job of balancing all the issues of running a FREE! site. Let's not forget...ET IS FREE! You can't get a better bargain than that! I can imagine that keeping Et up & running, solvent..yet FREE! must be a difficult undertaking.

    I think ET is a great site just the way it is! I don't mind the ads or the advertisers, they don't bother me a bit. Actually I like the exposure to new ideas and products. TONS of good info here...and it's all FREE!

    Clearly, IB threads were becoming way to numerous. Every user with a stupid little ques would start a new thread. Every time I logged on the first thing I had to wade thru were a half dozen new IB threads, too much, way too much. I saw this coming a long time ago! It was getting out of hand.

    Perfect implementation of the rules is a pipe dream and not practical. If (and I say *if*) Baron bends a rule here or there to keep ET in the black, and FREE!, so be it. At least the best of ET content will still be here! I don't want to see ET run with such virtue that it goes bust.

    remember, ET IS FREE!
  8. Why not find a solution that fits all ? :confused:

    After all it would be the job of IB to maintain such a message board
    if their customers ask for this way of "interaction" (thought they are interactive ...).

    With a little effort they could set up what Oanda.com did
    - a message board to discuss technical problems with one of their staff members.
  9. Baron: we are trying to help. One of the things that made this board so great was unbiasedness.

    Look for example to the Ziff-Davies example. They try to keep or at least try to give the impression of impartiality, no matter how much sponsors pay. The day PCmagazine or whatever loses its credibility, business is gone!!!
  10. yk


    I have been coming to this site for 2+ years now.
    And have found the information on this site priceless.

    To be honest, in the last year or so, the discussions have changed more from trading and what it's all about to IB and why my order takes 3 secs to cancel.

    I see no problem on getting info/reviews on the latest wares of the trading industry. That is a major part in your trading tools.

    But we forget that this site is about trading... not an open forum for IB tech support questions. And till the site becomes "Elite IB Trader" I think we should keep that in mind.

    Just my .02 :)

    Gee... "ET IS FREE!" I thought it was "ET phone home"
    ... I know bad joke ...:D

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