i love the UBS commercial-very smart

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  1. its so smart how these firms advertise using the voice of some lady or guy with an English accent,trying to sound sophisticated. its ridiculous. who actually buys into that bs. i noticed alot of firms have woman with English accents answering their phones or at reception desks. c'mon,time to start something new!
    ot the best is when they play all that sophisticated classical music,thats another gimmick.
    they should have a commercial where a guy in some cheap suit is trying to sell some poor bastard mrtgage backed securities.
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    Quote by Rearden Metal, 8-13-2006:

    You can tell when a company, like UBS, is dog shit by the commercials they choose to air.

    Cue announcer with smug, deep base voice:

    "Wherever you are, we're right next to you.
    We just call it 'You and Us'.
    You and Us. UBS."

    What the fuck is <i>that</i> supposed to mean?!
    Did they expect potential clients not to notice this obvious barrage of words that say nothing?

    Advertising Executive: Alright, what are the positive features and advantages of banking with UBS, which you'd like us to convey to the public?

    UBS: Um... well.... <i>Scheissa</i>. To be frank, there really aren't any. We kind of suck, actually.

    Advertising Executive: OK, No problemo. We'll just throw a bunch of empty words together, and have it all read by a guy with a nice deep voice. People aren't generally too bright. The ad will still work, trust me.

    UBS: I'm so full of anticipation that my genitals have sucked into my body cavity! Would you like to touch my monkey? Touch him! Love him! Rühren mein Affe. Lieben meine Affe-monkey! Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance...