I LOVE the HSI futs!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by riskarb, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. Like the dax on crack... so much fun to trade a contract that MOVES.
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    Where are you getting your charts? I am using TradeStation and I don't think HSI is available.

  3. Through Bloomberg, but also thru IB charts -- IB shows VWAP on the bar as well.
  4. Is this the contract you are referring to?


    It seems quite expensive given a point value of HK$50 and RT exchange fees of $23 per contract.

    Can you provide info on the ATR (doesn't matter how many days back)? Contracts traded per day? Your cost?

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    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. I gauge the HSI not by the multiple but by how much each point is worth:

    5 pts= $32.00 USD
    10 pts= 64.00
    20 pts= 128.00
    plus IB's fees

    My only suggestion in trading this contract is not to go to the bathroom. In fact, you may even wanna think twice about blinking.
  6. HSI current 5-day ATR is 178.

  7. Put up a chart of this so we can see what it looks like... :cool:
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    Can you tell me what the symbol is for IB please. I aslso use Mytrack.
  10. Symbol for IB is HSI and the current month is December. The last time I used mytrack, they don't have it available, but check with them if they have it now.
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