i love the er

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    I want to marry the er when I grow up. :D I love when it goes off on one of its tangents like this while the other indexes sit on their butts!
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    Agree ES was pitifully trying to rally as ER rocked.

    I dumped ER awhile back becuse it was not performing as well as ES but now I think I will return
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    interesting 11:15 EST now ES is stronger
  4. The Russell 2K ER2 is simply awesome.

    I don't even consider trading the S&P anymore. Why should I??
  5. I trade the ES and have just started studying the ER after reading how the ER has greater ranges in the day and 1 point is $100 v. $50 for the ES. Liquidity is not as high but volume has gorwn so much on the ER the past year. I am going to trakc both and perhaps I too may switch to trading the ER instead of the ES.
  6. It begs the question once again sir. Do you really have any trading experience outside of this low volatility environment? Secondly, does it concern you that you have created a 200 page journal with alot of seat of the pants adjustments that may or may not be replicable by your legions of followers?
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    In following his journal I didn't get the impression of seat of the pants at all. Actually he seems to explain very well and answer all questions thoroughly.
    Coach I think you will find the er very tradeable and at times more so than the es. At other times you have to figure out whether you want to hang in when the volume is low and it whips against you 5-8 ticks before coming back.
  8. With all due respect sir, the opinion of an individual who just discovered the ER2, perhaps some 2+ years after its peak in tradeability and structure, is not someone who offers a valid opinion of OptionCoach's motives and/or experience.
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    Actually I've been trading the er for quite awhile, probably close to 2 years. I would agree it's not the same, but it is still very tradeable. I follow indexes, euro currency, efts and a few stocks and go where the opportunity is for that day, and I would say more of my income is derived from the er than the others. But you being the expert, I'm sure can tell me that I don't simply because your opinion seems to be the only valid opinion in your mind.
  10. gotta love that ER2!!!

    Today's scorecard.....

    Dow - .3%

    S&P - .5%

    RUSSELL - 1.2%

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