I love New York!

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  1. I've had it with California!!! There are hot women in Cali, the place is very scenic, but I just cant develop the same close social ties as I can in NYC. I love the people of NYC, I love the high caliber personalities, I love drinking and most of all I just absolutely love it.

    NYC does not have the best looking women by far, no it doesnt. Everything is overpriced. It can get really dirty in some places with garbage piled on the streets....

    However, I made more friends in 1 week in NYC then I did in 1 year of California. When I go back, I have no doubt that my phone will fill quickly with numbers.

    Traders, f*ck Cali, f*ck Florida. Stick with NYC. Just stick with it. You can't lose.
  2. NYC in the fall is great, Spring is ok too but the summer is dreadful and the winter is sloppy, slushy and grey.
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    Glad to here, New Yorker here

    Yea it's easy to meet people here, I have met a ton of traders so far. There are pro's and con's as you have mentioned. The city gets to be a lot after a while, but I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. what I would do for a day on the beach in Cali.
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  5. Fall lasted about 2 weeks in the northeast, some years we go straight from summer to winter:eek:
  6. The last part about meeting other traders is key. Not just traders, but people who work to hurdle over a high bar.

    In California, work is something that people hate and they avoid it at all costs constantly sueing their employers. The work ethic is lousy and people are lazy.

    Everyone always has something going on, chasing some kind of dream...
  7. Mexifornia, ooops, I mean California is a dump. Beautiful land ruined by stupid people.

    The majority of people there are dimwitted, as evidenced by the ass-backwards laws they vote in (Let's give free healthcare, driver licences, and schooling to ILLEGAL boarder jumpers!!!!!)

    Screw that shitbox state and all their liberal nonsense. Mexicans are slowly taking their land back. I say let 'em have it and all the dumb Americans who are allowing it to happen.
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    All those dumb Americans, so dumb they can't even spell border.
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    I'm a fan of chicago. You could meet a lot of traders if you only knew where to go.
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    I was in NYC this summer and I abosutely loved it as well!
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