I love my 3D laptop

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    Very nice. All charts are shown in 3D.
  2. 3d stock charts like this one?

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    Exactly. I mentioned 2012 in my post. I am sure 3D laptops are in the design phase following 3D TVs.
  4. What's the point if this BS?
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    When Apple come up with his 3D imac and you see 2 millions of them are sold in a week and there is a big waiting list for it and APPL stock soars to $800, you will get that point.

    My other point was that as a PhD in EE, I can indentify the trend in electronics market
  6. lol PhD with a dozen Ferraris and you're dating Alessandra Ambrosio. Oh yeah, you made 300% on a risk-reversal on a 0.50% move in TXN.
  7. With all respect Dr. I am a lowly highschool grad (straight c-`s) and I dont need a 3d chart to determine trend.

    You either understand trend or you dont.

    Please elaborate.
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    Who said it was for trading. By the way, I don't even text messaging but 90% of people cannot live without it. Wait and see, after 3D comes to the market, you will see all Teens will buy one imac 3D laptop for their back to school because it will be cool :)
    The media will force you to buy one.
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    looks like tetris to me :p
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