I love losers so I'm flipping LUNA tonight.

Discussion in 'Crypto Assets' started by MarkBrown, May 13, 2022.

  1. MarkBrown


    Already tonight I have doubled my money trading LUNA.

    I expect to profit close to 3 billion dollars total on the stupidity of the heard falling off the cliff.

    Also been buying BTC, SOL tonight, I will flip all the profits from Luna into BTC soon. Then I will wait in the tall grass like a lion to jump on another wildebeest.
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  2. maxinger


    And I love moving,
    non fickle-minded,
    decisive market.
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  3. BTC is in the bear market until the FED turns. It could go to low 20k
  4. tradrjoe


    You only made 3 billion dollars on this trade? I just closed out a trade on +$50 trillion dollar profit.
  5. Millionaire


    I made $500 Trillion.

    That is the value of all stock-markets+real estate+bond markets + commodities + cryptos + cash... and everything else, in the world.

    I now own everyone and everything :D

    Still thats not enough, my greed has no limits, i'm now going after that asteroid which is worth $10,000 quadrillion
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  6. You lose
  7. Millionaire


    Yeah, i still feel empty inside :(
  8. MarkBrown


    it's lonely in outer space lol - now about that asteroid i had my sights set on it also but was kinda hoping it would split up and land sf / la / ny / chi ....

    the billion dollar trade is down there somewhere off the chart lol well let's say it's further down than the price pictured. i was pretty excited and wasn't thinking about screen shots at the time.

  9. topdog


    I think BTC buy is not a bad idea at this level. Next buy level is @ 20k

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  10. MarkBrown


    i have always been committed to btc, it's like my gold storage. i run around taking risk and bring it all back home to btc and sol. i have other stuff but these are my core. i hope btc does not go to 20 but if it does i will just swap some shit coins for btc and add on.

    in the past 24 hrs the little bit of btc i did buy is up 13% that's just nuts coming from a money management world where we would be glad to get that in a year. lol
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