I love it when a trade comes together

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  1. Ok, horn toot, pull a muscle padding myself on the back, etc. My gut feeling was the retail sales number wasn't going to be a good one, so intiated a small 2 contract es trade at 1080.25 around 0716 central. Had a 2 pt stop on as I didn't want to get crushed if wrong. Took the first off at 75, which is a bigger partial than normal for me. Hanging on to the second with a stop over 75.75 for now.
    Ok, not a huge win, but I usually don't play going into the news, but decided to make a check list of reasons for a number being good and being bad, along with expected reactions to each scenario. The vote was a negative and a negative response.
    I'll try again, but not sure I'll trade until I prove that I have a valid matrix and thought process.
    Anyway, I need to go get the heating pad to relax the pulled muscles from padding myself on the back. :D
    Why waste time posting here? Because no one in my house gets trading. My kids think I play games all day. Ok, if it was a good morning and they're in school I do go play Call of Duty 4 at lunch. :D
    Sorry for the wasted space.
  2. Gcapman


    That was actually an easy call

    Horrible employment equals consumers with less money equals less spending

    How is this something worthy of a thread ?? :confused:

    Not exactly rocket science
  3. Good job.

    COD4 is a fun game. I sometime play it.
  4. For a genius such as yourself, but the numbers are rigged by every administration, so there is some voodoo science to getting them right. I also did apologize for the wasted space.