I LOVE IT! Blaine's new stunt

Discussion in 'Politics' started by facultus, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. I have a new respect for the people of England:
    Some Londoners do not want illusionist David Blaine to succeed in his bid to spend 44 days without food in a glass box suspended from a crane in the center of the capital.

    Since the American showman began his stunt Friday he has been pelted with eggs, taunted with the smell of fish and chips and woken up by a man banging a drum.

    Police said Tuesday officers had been called in to deal with one man who was throwing eggs at Blaine's transparent box late Monday evening.

    "The man was given a stern talking to. But he was not arrested," a police spokesman said.

    But newspapers said some Londoners were devising ways of breaking the American's spirit, saying they were already bored with his latest challenge.

    "We were watching him at home on TV and it was really dull so we thought we would come down and liven things up. I wanted to wake him up," impromptu drummer Shiraz Azam, 21, told London's Evening Standard Monday.