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  1. bernacke and plosser start synchronized jawboning about raising interest rates and vigilance on inflation etc... and the usd tanks. nobody is buying the us's b.s. anymore...
  2. We will live long enough to see the day where USD is world's third currency. Before then, $$billions daily in bonds and USD floats that keep our economy afloat will wither and dry.

    But for now, all's well inside our economy :>)
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    Short EURUSD at 1.3188, stop 1.3250, buy order at 1.3088, like Bernacke and growth in US coming, tacmot
  4. EURUSD 3120 is a triple layer of key support. Broke it yesterday, tested prior resistance now presumed support at the low tick today. 3270 is next short-term upside objective
  5. I love the anti US folks and their rhetoric. Please keep it up, the entertainment is a nice distraction for the day's boredom!
  6. guilty as charged
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    Two spelling errors in the name of the Fed Chairman. May the force be with you.
  8. See, the problem with being all anti-US is that your bile distorts your view of the world, and you miss opportunities because of it. Saying the US is going to be a third world currency is just plain stupid - the world economy is just to interconnected for that to happen. Will it happen 50, 100 years from now? Who can say? But we'll all be long gone before that cataclysm.

    The same chicken littles (like zdreg, for instance) who were frothing at the mouth in 2004 when the euro hit 1.36, calling for the fall of Rome, are the ones coming out of the woodwork again. Also the ones you never heard one peep from in the balance of the last two years.

    The really funny thing is when the euro hit 1.36, half of the US had no idea - and still don't that it ever did. No one's life there was affected.

    The sky is falling! The sky is falling!
  9. dude. one spelling error. which makes you dumberer luke skywalker
  10. I intend to be here in 50 years... 40 more, at least.

    If you join me for a toast in 2046, we will see a world far different from today. I respectfully suggest you dial out your vision further than two - three years from now.

    Always remember, every fallen dynasty since the dawn of man has never visualized or predicted their own failure. The U.S. today is on a very similar path to all of history's fallen powers we read about in our history books.
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