I love Interactive Brokers and their customer service thank you

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  1. Great customer service!! Thank you IB.
  2. They have been good to me too.
  3. Seriously?

    I found their Customer 'Service' (a misnomer if ever I heard one!) just about the worst I've come across and that's saying something! Mind you it was when I traded Forex at IB and they'd just released FX Trader, no-one at IB seemed to know how to drive the thing!
  4. Sadomasochism at best.:D
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    Voicing my disagreement and sometimes arguing against REALLY stupid posts elsewhere on ET I want to also voice my gratitude. I also appreciate IBs service. Yes, customer service is maybe not their top sales point but so far almost every person I have spoken to has at least tried to solve problems the few times I had one. I now trade with IB for about 10 years and have been very happy so far. I dont use IB for my system strategy but for discretionary trades it has always served me well. Not sure they vary customer service by how much commission you generate (not sure the reps see that) but I have always received prompt attention and people followed up on issues that could not be resolved promptly, sometimes sooner sometimes later. At least they are miles away from bucket shops and creepy futures brokers or fcm's.

    Thanks IB!!!

  6. I also have had no problems with IB's customer support.

    I think there are folks coming to IB from brokers like scottrade and fidelity who expcect to get someone on the horn instantly and have their sweaty little hands held. IB is aimed at experienced traders, not Joe Sixpack.
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    I find that hard to believe with all the bitching you do about them on this board. I mean, it never ends!

    jk mate
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    the IB PR machine steps into action and, right on que, kiwi drops to his knees and services his master.

    sorry kiwi, but it's ridiculous the way you suck up to IB. they must have cut you some sort of better commission rate to defend them here, cause your whoring for IB is fucking shameless.
  9. Well, I'd like to personally thank who ever was responsible to get the ball rolling at IB to get the back fill issue resolved.

    Backfill is working again for me and a couple other traders.
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