I Love California!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by waggie945, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. went there for interview with presidio capital have to say
    there seemed like alot of angry street people and strange mfers

    sorry but i have to group it as undesirable as la and oc

    san diego is the bomb:cool:
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    Quote from waggie945:

    San Francisco had the warmest March 8th in the last 112 years yesterday . . . 82 degrees!

    Spring has Sprung!


    Frightening. I suppose our enivornmental degredation is paying off. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  3. You should try the East Bay.
    Very cool.

  4. Turok


    >You should try the East Bay.
    >Very cool.

    Hmmm...Berkeley was OK, but much of the EB can get as hot as a cracker.

    I live on the Mt. View/ Los Altos border and we can still get warm in the day but it is almost always cool in the evening.

    I have also lived for a couple years in San Diego area (La Jolla) and yes, it is the BOMB!. I have never imagined such perfect weather so many months of the year. The "June gloom" was about the only flaw in the perfect canvas.

    Are you in SF proper Wag?

  5. East Bay, out Highway 24.

    Love the dry heat!

  6. I'm out on the Berk/Oak border. Today is going to be hotter than yesterday. It's quite a display.
  7. Turok


    >I'm out on the Berk/Oak border.

    Lived up near Tilden Park in the mid '80s Twas nice. The view over the Bay was awsome. Moved from there to Capitola and the beach was great. Spend a number of years in Los Gatos and like that town and the mountain community atmosphere. Have live in some ho-hum Bay area places as well in 20+ years -- Campbell, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale.

    Gonna spend a few more years at most in the area and then take the money and run. You can build a ranch to end all in the country compared to a fixer upper here.


  8. What country?

    After graduation, I'm going to take my money and run with a Swiss bank account and a 40 ft sailbaot. Drift around for a while;
    visit a new country every two months, supple and whimsical. Then maybe settle down in a country with a language foreign to my own, and there I'll write about past adventures.