I Love Bill Clinton

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  1. Skates into Korea. Gets the job done/journalists released. Probably nailed both of them. Probably nailed Kim Il JOng too...

    Except for the whole marrying the ice bitch of the world - the guy is pretty slick...
  2. skylr33


    Once Clinton had these two chicks in the plane, you know he was making some moves. He He~~~ I'll bet you could find o'l slick Willies fingerprints all over these girls asses.
  3. and a few of THEIR fingerprints IN his ass.

  4. The best damn President that ever lived in my opinion.

    Ended the conflict in Ireland and Croatia as well without firing a bullet.
  5. The highest charisma rating since JFK. :)

    Bill Clinton, Secret Agent Man :cool:
  6. Well, it depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is.

  7. I think it has more to do with your wording of the word word
  8. But I liked the adage "I cannot believe that two people named Hill and Billy captured the White House"
  9. Bill Clinton is my 2nd all time favorite president (behind Ike). I fondly remember the days when I could walk into comp usa in the late 90s and feel the general sense of euphoria as a teenager.
  10. I distinctly remember the $10k trading days I had trading during his years in office.

    As a Canadian I loved Bill and thought that Americans where hilarious for impeaching the guy over a blow job. I mean really what was the big friggin deal.

    You went from a philanderer to a war monger that murdered 10's of thousands. :confused:

    Wake up people !
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