I LOVE America but America is DONE. no doubt anymore

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  1. apak


    GM can't make trucks and cars people want to buy

    I drive a honda S2000 NOT A F-IN corvette

    why ??????????

    cause honda S2000 is an engineering marvel

    corvette is a relic

    Americans are a relic,

    Americans do not know how to change how to compete.

    shit :mad:
  2. tortoise


    Getting very close to my long signal on America...

    Watch this space.
  3. The Corvette is an engineering marvel. Corvette should be a stand alone company, free from General Motors. Absolutely beautiful car!
  4. apak


    what do you know you old fart

    corvette is a car with HUGE engine,

    Honda S2000 is a car designed with 4 standard size cylinders, no turbo, no supercharger

    designed to operate at 9 000 RPM

    machine itself can go to 12 000 RPM

    you just don't know cars do you, neither do GM execs
    you old fart
  5. apak


    you are one of very very few people on ET I respect

    but what the hell are you doing picking bottom :mad:
  6. OffTilt

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    You do realize that the vette dominates an s2000 in every aspect of performance and looks, right? The ZR1 makes 400 more hp and achieves the same fuel economy on the highway. I could go on.....
  7. apak


    you don't know jack shit,

    have you asked yourself why vette is not selling

    enjoy the video punk

  8. OffTilt

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  9. Old Fart? What makes you think I'm old dude? apak, you are a hoot. And yes, the Vette does have a HUGE engine. It's an absolute masterpiece. Obviously you've never driven one. Put the pedal to the metal and you're likely to have one hell of an orgasm :D

  10. Has oil bottomed yet???
    http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=145036:confused: :D
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