I Lost Money But It's Not My Fault Because....

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by plugger, Mar 6, 2008.

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    I'm dedicating this thread to my friend day7793, bat1, stocktrad3r and all the other names he posts under (down 35% this year and only two months have passed). The thread is also dedicated to all those who are in denial about their losses.

    It seems that some people are unable or unwilling to accept responsibility for their poor performance. My good friend day7793 has a whole list of reasons of why he's losing money but it's not his fault. Here are some of them..

    I've lost money but it's not my fault because.......

    1. We are not in a credit crunch and everyone else is too stupid to realize it.

    2. Everyone is too pessimistic and are overlooking the real picture which is great.

    3. Warren Buffet is manipulating the markets. (my favourite)

    4. The Federal Reserve hasn't lowered interest rates to 0% quickly enough.

    5. Everyone else is stupid for selling stocks because there will never be another bear market.

    6. Globalist Smartie stocks are being talked down by Warren Buffet for his own personal gain.

    7. Bull market geniuses are never wrong. The markets are wrong.

    And the list goes on and on. The true mark of a loser is a person who blames others for his misfortune but never thinks his own actions may have led to the poor result.

    Keep up the good work day7793.

    Everyone else feel free to post other reasons as I'm sure I've missed a lot.
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    Phil Hellmuth gets knocked out of a lot of poker tournaments by "idiots" whose "stupid" plays are "unbelievably ignorant", as Phil puts it. Sometimes he loses but it's never his fault.
  3. how about:

    I'm losing my manufacturing job, but it's not my fault, it's
    a the ceo's
    b the dollar
    c free traders
    d foreigners
    e outsourcing

    you see, there are other people who need this lesson taught them much more than traders, because traders lose there own money, but when people lose manufacturing jobs, the above arguments wind up costing everyone in the country money.
  4. The dog ate it!
  5. You forgot

    8. Because of the conniving Jews who are involved in a worldwide conspiracy to take my lunch money.
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    Hmmmmm... AMEN!
  7. curse those Zionists. Israel will soon take over the world. They already occupy .000139 of the Earth's land surface (22070/148940000) km