I lost 780 bucks thanks to pizza

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  1. Damn cheeze or something fell on my keyboard and It screwed something up, so I was not able to exit a trade fast enough. I would have profited but thanks to pizza hut I lost money today. Most expensive pizza ever. Oh and the pizza cost more than I remember paying so I got screwed on the commodities also somehow.

    Rule #1, do not trade and eat pizza and let shit fall on the keyboard.

    Have spare keyboard near by as well.
  2. at least it didn't fall on a laptop... Then you would've had to pay much more for the computer as well
  3. You know now that I am thinking, I wonder if I can sue Pizza Hut for loss of income due to pizza being too floppy and overloaded with cheeze and not posting a warning on the box.

    I mean the McDonalds lady sued and won when she attempted to drive a car with a steaming cup of hot coffee between her legs.
  4. I know the feeling. I was trading isrg on march 24 and had a great long sold for 6k gain. Went short ahead of 310 spill coffee on my desk looked down for a few seconds and when i looked up it was 315 :mad: Half of my day was gone from the coffee mess. Good thing i covered as it kept running the high that day was 335.
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    Do not blame anything or anyone but yourself when trading. Be good.
  6. Amazing, and people hate lawyers....
  7. Some traders can't multi-task... :D
  8. Wow don't sue... only in America do people win such ridiculous cases. That would be pathetic though.
  9. lol I am just kidding about suing :)
  10. heh, shit that sucks yeah coffee is even worse, I almost spilled redbull once but caught it in the nick of time. I cleaned my keyboard and got another vintage model M keyboard. I have like 4 in stock, I love those keyboards. Of course my wife thought it was kind of funny :)
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